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Our Clients: Defence

The defence industry is continuing to grow.
We work on a number of defence projects in Marine, Land Vehicles and the Aerospace Sectors.

The Management Team and Key Staff at Defence Coating Systems are involved with the following defence projects:

Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) Project

ASC is Australia’s largest specialised shipbuilding organisation, as well as the nation’s last remaining Australian-owned prime defence contractor. As the AWD Program shipbuilder, ASC is responsible for the construction of the AWDs at its dedicated, state-of-the-art shipyard at Osborne, South Australia.

Collins Class Submarine Project

The Collins class is a class of six Australian-built diesel-electric submarines operated by the Royal Australian Navy. The boats are the largest conventionally powered submarines in the world, and were the first submarines to be constructed in Australia, prompting widespread improvements in Australian industry. The Collins Class submarines are a key element of Australia's Defence Force, both as an intelligence-gathering platform during peace time and as a forceful opponent during times of war. The six submarine class of HMAS Collins, HMAS Farncomb, HMAS Waller, HMAS Dechaineux, HMAS Sheean and HMAS Rankin achieves an optimum match between innovation and proven technical superiority. The names of the Collins Class submarines commemorate the memory of six members of the Royal Australian Navy who served their country with distinction.

Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) Project

The ASLAV is a high performance combat vehicle ideally suited to the harsh terrain and vast distances. The eight wheel configuration gives a good off road performance, whilst allowing it to move on road much faster than tracked vehicles. The ASLAV is fully amphibious, not only capable on land it can be driven in the water by shrouded propellers at the rear of the vehicle.

M113 Project

The M113 is a military infantry track vehicle, the main feature of the M113 is a fully enclosed hull welded from aluminium armour. Up to 40% of vehicle components are manufactured from light alloys. Armour on this vehicle provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. The M113 has an internal arrangement which has became standard for most of the modern armoured personnel carriers.

Black Hawk (FRRD) Project

The S-70A-9 Black Hawk is a twin-turbine engine, single main rotor, semi-monocoque fuselage, all weather helicopter. The Black Hawk’s typical tasks are the tactical transport of infantry soldiers, search and rescue, aero-medical evacuation, civilian disaster relief and the external carriage of heavy equipment including artillery guns and light vehicles. Equipped with its thermal imaging, gun sights and night vision systems, it is as effective during night operations as daytime.

Tactical Air Defence Radar System (TADRS) Project

The Air Force’s new Tactical Air Defence Radar System (TADRS) has been used to control fighter aircraft for the first time in tests conducted at RAAF Base Williamtown. The new AN/TPS-77 radar and its ancillary sub-systems have been undergoing testing for some time, building up to the introduction of four new TADRSs to replace the existing AN/TPS-43 systems.